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But he could tell little; only that he had met with a great and terrible thing on the downs, which he could not describe in form, but which passed with a great roaring and rushing like the dragons of old time. So I commended him to our patron St Michael and left him. Yet there was no news of the brothers, and I came back here to my room in the porch. ‘Benediction was said, the curfew-bell had rung, and you could feel the Christmas peace fallen upon all the town. I bolted the church door, and had just tended the light upon the altar, I was even on my knees at prayer, when there came a loud rattling at the door below my chamber.

But be pompous in its own despite. The chairs could not be quit of the subjects of their conversation. At first they were talking about Arthur and his career; Mr Delane-Morton, with his almost womanish instinct, pleading for his offspring, but gradually won round to the point of view from which it could be manifestly seen that no Morton ever worked for his living: he merely supplemented his allowance by choosing one of three careers. But why choose the Church when the boy disliked it so particularly?

Your aunt is a very interesting woman,’ said Armstrong in the light of the ruined house and desolate mill. Arthur whistled. ‘Then she’s the only interesting one I know,’ he replied. ’ ‘Well, there’s old Godfrey,’ returned Arthur, thrusting out his chin, ‘he would have made a beautiful woman: a little too dark perhaps for real beauty. I think you want a dash of fire for that. I once saw a girl . ’ he stopped hastily, then went on again, ‘I tried to draw her. I draw, you know,’ he announced gravely, as if he wished to spare Armstrong a painful or startling shock.

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