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Youngsters will love studying all concerning the human physique during this unique publication that units bodies within the context of the animal state. each one part examines a particular sector of the human physique - our eyes, our nostril, our pores and skin -explains what it really is for, after which compares it with the physique components of different animals. the scale of our mind, the power of our eyesight, and our skill to speak are all checked out in the course of the lens of the animal state as a complete. through taking a look at the our bodies of alternative animals we'll achieve a greater realizing of our personal!

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Adrenaline—a chemical produced by the body that gives you energy in moments of stress. Amphibian—a cold-blooded animal with thin, moist skin that lives partly on land, partly in the water. Antennae—feelers, found in some invertebrates, that help in finding food. Breastbone—long, flat bone in the middle of the chest. Carnivore—an animal that eats meat. Gills—the parts of a fish that let it breathe in water. Herbivore—an animal that eats plants and no meat. Hibernation—to spend the winter months in a deep sleep.

Fruit bats wrap their wings around themselves, like a blanket. on’t have eyelids, so Fish d they t h e h i t r i e w y p e e s e l o s pen. Anim al! A dolph in half its sleeps with jus t bra off—so in switched it stays to dang alert er. Chimpanzees make nests in trees to curl up and go to sleep in. Cats sleep a lot, but their sleep is light, and they wake up easily—a good defense against predators. e r . o n . s Pythons sleep for about 12 hours a day, but they can’t close their eyes, since they don’t have eyelids.

46 Oxygen—gas that is part of the air, which supports life. Predator—an animal that hunts another animal in order to kill and eat it. Prey—an animal that is, or could be, killed and eaten by another animal. Pride—a group of lions that lives together. Reason—to think things through in a clear and ordered way. Reptile—a cold-blooded animal that has a dry, scaly skin, and sometimes bony plates. Scales—small, overlapping plates that cover an animal, especially fish or reptiles. Segments—separate parts of a jointed animal, especially insects.

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