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By Sally Rippin

What do you do in the event you locate an angel with a damaged wing? There are just issues Jelly likes in regards to the new condo on Rosemary highway: the outdated apricot tree and the creek over the again fence. One evening, Jelly and her cousins spot whatever within the creek's darkish waters. initially they suspect it is a poultry, however it isn't…it's a toddler angel with a damaged wing. They choose to maintain it. yet Jelly quickly discovers that you simply cannot simply take anything from the place it belongs and count on that it will not be neglected. Sally Rippin's Angel Creek is a booklet approximately being courageous and egocentric and hard and scared. it is a publication approximately an angel, approximately growing to be up. And in regards to the extraordinary issues that occur in the summertime prior to highschool starts off. 'Hideaways, rescues, damaged principles, and a lady who needs to guard anything fragile and helpful and out of this world…I enjoyed this book.' Martine Murray

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Come on, Gino. ’ ‘I’m starving,’ said Pik. ’ Gino pushed him out the way as he got up. They crept down the stairs, past Maureen who was sprawled across the couch with her eyes shut and her mouth open, even though the sunlight was slanting in through the window right over her face. The fairy lights on the Christmas tree still blinked hopefully but, as Jelly had expected, there was nothing underneath. Pik stopped to check behind the tree. In the kitchen, Jelly found a note from her mum wedged under the biscuit tin.

Are you okay—’ Jelly started to say, when a beam of light swung across a telegraph pole in front of them. A car turned into the street. ‘Quick,’ Jelly said to Gino. ’ She flattened herself against the fence under an enormous mulberry tree that leaned out over the footpath. Gino pulled Pik in alongside him and they huddled together, blocking the angel from view. The beam slid over the footpath in front of their feet, lighting up fat mulberries splattered across the concrete, then it passed. It wasn’t until the car’s taillights were tiny in the distance that Jelly let go of her breath and unstuck her sweaty palms from the angel’s scrunched-up dress.

Her heart, which Jelly thought would have been about the biggest, healthiest part of her body, stopped working right between the Christmas cake and coffee. By the time Jelly and Gino got home the ambulance had gone, and their mums and dads with it, and only Maureen from next door was there to look after them and put baby Sophia to bed. Pik was crying in the kitchen, where all the coffee cups were half-full on the bench and the dishes still everywhere. ’ Jelly asked, out of breath from running up the creek bank faster than she’d ever done.

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