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This formidable and ground-breaking booklet examines the linguistic reports produced through missionaries according to the Pacific Northwest Coast of North the USA (and relatively Haida Gwaii) throughout the overdue 19th and early 20th centuries. Making broad use of unpublished archival fabrics, the writer demonstrates that the missionaries have been liable for introducing many leading edge and insightful grammatical analyses. instead of in simple terms adopting Graeco-Roman types, they drew broadly upon reports of non-European languages, and a cautious exploration in their scripture translations exhibit the origins of the Haida sociolect that emerged as a result missionary job. The advanced interactions among the missionaries and anthropologists also are mentioned, and it really is proven that the previous occasionally expected linguistic analyses which are now incorrectly attributed to the latter. given that this ebook attracts upon fresh paintings in theoretical linguistics, spiritual heritage, translation reviews, and anthropology, it emphasises the necessarily interdisciplinary nature of Missionary Linguistics learn.

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Exd. 5 -sm -t The Tsimshian language As previously noted, Tsimshian is a member of the Tsimshianic language family which itself may constitute a branch of the Penutian family (see Mulder 1994; Tarpent 1997; and Dunn 1995). 1). , either a non-ergative argument in a transitive clause, or else the single argument of an intransitive clause) (Mithun 2001: 209). 10. 15. In this example, it may be better to analyse wlla as a subordinator that is modified by Ia. ). ABS 'I will take you up' (Mulder 1994: 51) Here the ergative and absolutive arguments are used in a transitive structure: the ergative 1p suffix precedes the tense marker (TEMP) dm, which indicates futurity, while the 2p absolutive suffix is attached to the verb.

19 20 Missionary Linguistics on the Pacific Northwest Coast Through a close analysis of examples such as these, Eastman reached a provocative conclusion: It has been shown that whenever a constituent of a sentence is topicalized in Haida - regardless of the syntactic function of that constituent as subject or object - that constituent occurs in sentence-initial position. When topicalization does not occur, the object generally precedes the verb, that is, OSY order is the "rule". Despite a clear tendency for subjects to be near the verb, it may be the case that the distinction of subject and object is not useful in considering constituent typology in the language.

Writing in July 1792, Joseph Ingraham, the Captain of the Hope, noted that the Haida chief known to the Europeans as 'Cow' or 'Kowe: 'had withdrawn his tribe from Cunneyah's and lived on the main at a place they called Kywannee' (Kaplanoff 1971: 196). 1. 2 It has been estimated that, in the 18th century, there were only about eleven species of land mammal and amphibians on the islands, but this number has increased considerably since the first period of extended contact with European culture in the 1770s.

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