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By R G Collingwood

One of many nice Oxford philosopher's most interesting works, Essay on Metaphysics considers the character of philosophy, and places ahead Collingwood's unique and influential theories of causation, presuppositions, and the good judgment of query and resolution. This re-creation comprises 3 interesting unpublished items that remove darkness from and enlarge the Essay.

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The other case is drawn from the opposite end of the numerical spectrum. Whereas many barbarians exist, there is only one number 10,000. But this single number’s name does not reflect the existence of a class corresponding to that name— a class which, if it did exist, would be identical to its sole member. Furthermore, the Stranger denies that the complement of the putative class 10,000 is itself a class. ” Nonetheless, this group apparently also lacks whatever qualities are required to constitute a class in the Stranger’s sense of the term.

Furthermore, the feathers of the soul begin to regrow once the soul has beheld the beauty of this world, an experience reminding soul of the Form beauty (249e). According to the Statesman, humans are by nature featherless—which, of course, they are, at least externally. But in concert with the image of the feathered soul in the Phaedrus, the suggestion emerging from the shorter way is that the king as charioteer rules over featherless bipeds with featherless souls, souls which have not yet seen any reality, anything of the Forms.

In general then, any division according to value-categories requires that the dialectician state or at least point to the realm of value insofar as value pertains to the classes produced. In fact, this position presupposes not only recognizing, but in some way describing, what it means for things to be valued. This capacity has far-reaching consequences. Students of the Parmenides will recall Socrates’ hesitation about affirming a Form for dirt and similar realities, then being chided for such metaphysical elitism by Parmenides (130d–e).

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