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By Darren Mulloy

This ebook makes use of the defense force move as a way to ascertain the advanced dating that exists among America's mainstream and extremist political tradition. It focuses quite on how the defense force stream makes use of key points of yank historical past to justify its extremist politics and actions. Drawing upon either extremist literature and interviews with major figures within the stream, this publication is a strong exploration of America's family extremist events.

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The ideological nature of the dominant culture may only become manifest at times of crisis, particularly in foreign affairs, when an explicit appeal to Americanism is more acceptable, but it is part of a process going on all the time beneath the normal give and take of negotiable interests. There is also another way of looking at the frequent reoccurrence of extremism in American life (its apparent ineradicability), one stressing that the pool of ideological resources employed by the extreme right exists not just on the margins, as the orthodox school would have us believe, but in the very fabric of America’s mainstream ideology.

41 In part, then, it is time to return to the initial project Hofstadter embarked upon. ” It was an interpretative or ideological framework, and a rhetorical or expressive manner based on that framework. And it was based on his belief that there needed to be an approach to American politics and American history that acknowledged the non-rationalistic or symbolic elements involved in both. 42 At the same time, an over-reliance on concepts of status politics and the utility of psychological explanations so in vogue at the time meant a neglect of the broader cultural trends affecting extremists.

The clear demarcation between “mainstream America” and “extremist America” is very difficult, on several levels, to maintain. As James Aho points out in The Politics of Righteousness, his study of Idaho Christian patriotism, extremists are not categorizable simply by their resort to so-called extremist methods. Patriots, he says, “are preeminently political animals and they do not seem reluctant to employ any vehicle of influence that promises an end to America’s problems. ” A similar point can be made in respect of the generally accepted classification of McCarthy and Goldwater as extremists.

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