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By Anatol Lieven

During this debatable critique of yank political tradition and its historic roots, Anatol Lieven contends that U.S. international coverage due to the fact September 11 has been formed by way of the designated personality of our nationalism. inside that nationalism, Lieven analyses very assorted traditions. One is the "American thesis," a civic nationalism in keeping with the democratic values of what has been referred to as the "American Creed." those values are held to be common, and somebody can turn into an American through adopting them. the opposite culture, the "American antithesis" is a populist and sometimes chauvinist nationalism, which has a tendency to determine the US as a closed nationwide tradition and civilization threatened by way of a adversarial and barbarous open air world.

With the USA wrong or right, Lieven examines how those antithetical impulses have performed out in U.S. responses to the terrorist assaults of Sep 11, and within the nature of U.S. help for Israel. This hard-hitting critique directs a focus at the American political soul and at the curious mix of chauvinism and idealism that has pushed the Bush administration.


"A interesting and incisive research of yank nationalism."--London evaluation of Books

"Lieven is relentlessly candid, and has produced a remarkably thought-provoking book.... Tightly written and widely researched.... A worthy and in addition a troubling e-book on an issue that's either an important and in lots of methods super sensitive."--Brian Urquhart, manhattan evaluate of Books

"Cogently vital contribution to the discourse on nationwide id, the conflict on terror and the character of political liberalism."--Publishers Weekly

"America wrong or right indicates a major highbrow expertise and ambition stretching its wings. particularly, Lieven takes on a number of the large questions on American id, ideology and exceptionalism in ways in which yield marvelous and provocative results.... At its admirable top the USA wrong or right asks very important questions and makes readers evaluation a few of their very own so much adored convictions."--Walter Russell Mead, Washington put up ebook World

"This battling e-book digs underneath the trauma of Sept. 11 to discover the cultural resources of well known aid for a blindly competitive and self-defeating international coverage. amazing and inspiring."--Stephen Holmes, Professor of Politics and legislation, big apple collage university of Law

"Anatol Lieven is one in all today's such a lot insightful observers of U.S. overseas coverage. during this extraordinary booklet he presents an research of the virtues and the hazards of yankee nationalism that's as provocative because it is perceptive." --Michael Lind, writer of the following American Nation

"A looking out exam of the deep-seated resources of yankee habit, Anatol Lieven's the US wrong or right takes on what others evade--the themes that, no matter if for reliable or ailing, make us who we're and supply the engine of U. S. international coverage. In stinky, muscular prose, Lieven makes a robust case that the neoconservatives have got a ways an excessive amount of credits for the process American coverage because 9-11. His bankruptcy at the at the same time harmful process U.S.-Israel kinfolk isn't just brave yet powerfully illuminating."--Andrew J. Bacevich, writer of the impending the hot American Militarism

"The writer demonstrates that U.S. coverage in Afghanistan in the course of the Nineteen Eighties was once a failed try and counter Soviet impression and to make amends for the loss in Vietnam skillfully unravels the origins of yank nationalism and illuminates its failings and virtues."--Karl Helicher, Foreword Magazine

"Anatol Lieven is among the such a lot idea frightening and insightful writers in Washington. This e-book is especially a lot within the comparable tradition."--Senator Dick Clark, Director of The Congressional application, The Aspen Institute

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William Fulbright. This book therefore is an analysis of different strands of American nationalism and how they interact; but it also has a moral and political purpose. Calling on the words of Julien Benda, it is an appeal to American intellectuals to do what they have asked of intellectuals in other countries: to recognize and confront their own nationalism and to transcend it in the name of higher universal values. To the American political elites, it is intended as a reminder of the catastrophes into which nationalism and national messianism led other great countries in the past.

S. actions against al Qaeda and its allies elsewhere in the world. What the Bush administration did, however, was to instill in the American public a fear of much wider threats to the homeland from Iraq, Iran and North Korea—states which had no connection to al Qaeda. 38 But even the Bush administration had to remain within certain limits. The common paradigm of hostility to Muslims, and the inability to distinguish between even radically different Muslim states, traditions and ideologies made it possible to mix up Iraq and al Qaeda in the minds of a majority of Americans; but not even Bush would have gotten away with declaring that the terrorists on 9/11 were really Russians, or Chinese, or North Koreans.

For a taste of the difference between the culture and politics of American capitalists, taken as a whole, and those of their European equivalents, one could do no better than to compare those pages with those of the Journal's European equivalents, the Financial Times (London), Frankfuerter Allgemeine (Frankfurt), Corriere della Sera (Milan) and so on. This difference was displayed, for example, in the horrified reaction of leading articles in the Financial Times to the Bush tax cuts. Above all, what is striking in the Journal—a paper representing a presumably satisfied and dominant capitalist class—is its writers' capacity for both radicalism and sheer hatred.

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