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By J. M. Barrie

The prolific Scotish writer and dramatist J. M. Barrie is most famed for his production of Peter Pan. Born in Kirriemuir, Forfarshire in 1860, he graduated Edinburgh college and started operating as a journalist. quickly after he released his first novel greater lifeless becaming a well-liked author with many profitable novels. After his most renowned paintings Peter Pan he nonetheless endured to put in writing on growing many extra liked stories.

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ALICE. 'Home. ' COLONEL. ' STEVE. 'I'll go down and whistle one. Alice, I'm awfully sorry that you--that I--' ALICE. ' But though she is alone with her husband now she does not know what she wants to say to him. She has a passionate desire that he should not learn who is behind that door. ' ALICE. ' COLONEL. ' ALICE. htm (46 of 76) [9/22/2008 8:53:45 AM] Alice Sit-By-The-Fire COLONEL. ' ALICE. 'Robert, there is something I want to tell you. You know how dear my children are to me, but Amy is the dearest of all.

She closes the door as her father enters with Steve. The Colonel is chatting, but his host sees that Richardson is in distress. ' RICHARDSON. ' STEVE, pointedly, 'Go away. You have some work to do on the stair. Go and do it. ' COLONEL. ' STEVE. ' COLONEL. 'I have come from Pall Mall. ' She departs with her worst suspicions confirmed. ' COLONEL. ' He stretches out his legs. 'Steve, home is the best club in the world. htm (41 of 76) [9/22/2008 8:53:45 AM] Alice Sit-By-The-Fire STEVE. ' STEVE. ' COLONEL.

Folly! ' Indeed they are very cold lovers; Amy's lip is curled at Steve. To make matters worse, the cupboard door, which has so far had the decency to remain quiet, now presumes to have its say. It opens of itself a few inches, creaking guiltily. Three people are so startled that a new suspicion is roused in the fourth. ' COLONEL. 'My God! ' ALICE. ' He goes into the cupboard and returns with something in his hand, which he gives to Amy. COLONEL. ' ALICE. ' She goes to Amy to protect her. ' 'What a deceiver' Amy is thinking.

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