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By Steven McGuire

Learn pupil Steven McGuire examines a massive sectoral dispute among the USA and the eu neighborhood referred to as the "Airbus dispute". McGuire explores how the dispute was once settled diplomatically with no both sides resorting to opposed countermeasures. probably all involved remembered the Boston Tea get together.

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They also agreed that European collaboration was necessary for any success. This evolved in time into a very durable consensus over the need to 40 Airbus Industrie: Conflict and Cooperation resist American pressure on Airbus. This point cannot be overstated, European support for Airbus arose from a powerful alignment of firms and governments that saw Airbus as the only viable means of staying in the civilian aircraft business. THE EC AND AIRBUS INDUSTRIE While in the years ahead Airbus Industrie would be regarded as the European Community's creation, its origin owes everything to national policies.

The later models of Boeing, such as the 767 have components built in several countries, including Japan and Canada. 37 Subcontractors often supply all major aircraft manufacturers. 38 This reliance on customers on both sides of the Atlantic can be seen in the balance sheets of numerous subcontractors. 40 The upshot of this is that if, for instance, the United States considered imposing tariffs on Airbus products, it would risk damaging the American aerospace industry. Similarly Europe could find itself in the paradoxical position of harming its carefully cultivated aerospace industry by hindering the sales of American aircraft.

This has led to the development of highly specialized and expensive products developed solely for the defence market. Military demands stress sheer performance: great strength, heat resistance and high strength-to-weight ratios. Durability and price are not predominant considerations. By contrast, commercial aircraft makers, while embracing composites, do not find the most exotic materials to be cost effective. Instead, they use less exotic composites or stay with aluminium as the material of choice.

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