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During and from his after rapid turnings the flier's brain is receiving impulses Nothing can control or alter the sending or receiving of these impulses. These impulses produce sensations of semicircular canals. Fliers vary greatly in their ability to interpret correctly the significance of these impulses. Experience alone enables the aviator to familiarize himself with the meaning of these impulses; motion. who develop the greatest ability in this respect naturally fall into the scout-pursuit class.

There w^as enormous the Aviation Services of our Allies have come to realize that the advice of their medical officers was avoidable wastage. Little little sound; the mental and physical requirements for entering the Air Service were raised, with an inunediate saving of an unlimited amount of money and personnel. This is the great lesson we have learned from the bitter experience of our Allies. The popular idea that a flier nuist be a " superman " is utterly absurd. " Flying itself is now just as prosaic and commonplace as riding in a motor car, and not more dangerous.

Action, intelligently executed, saved this flyer >'i^tffliai8esdfe«a»a»k. :2»2«w MAKING A PERFECT LANDING. This requires perfect stereoscopic vision. 20a-l a crash. Fighting in the ait FKiHTING IN THE AIR MAKES THE MOST SEVERE DEMANDS ON PILOTS. Only the most fit are chosen for this work. CADET AMONG THE CLOUDS. A situation in which vision be 20a-2 of little use. normal, or the pilot is The " motion-sensing " portion of the interval ear must can not detect mjvem mt nor mally. AIE SEEVICE MEDICAL.

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