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By Ph.D. Susan Rosenfeld, Charles J. Gross

The Air nationwide Guard’s position in the Air strength has matured and altered significantly for the reason that its institution as a separate reserve part September 18, 1947. Air nationwide shield contributors have served worldwide and their army event and civilian abilities have confirmed beneficial as our country prosecuted conflicts in Korea, Vietnam, the Persian Gulf, Kosovo, Afghanistan, and Iraq. in addition they served in the course of a number of significant contingencies together with the Cuban Missile obstacle and the Berlin quandary if 1961 and 1962. furthermore, Air defend contributors made significant contributions in a bunch of alternative operations in Panama, the Balkans, Somalia, Rwanda, Haiti, and the Iraq no-fly zones instituted after Operation wasteland Strom.
In the us, the storm Katrina reduction efforts introduced into sharp concentration the Air Guard’s well-established function as America’s place of birth Air strength. The Air nationwide protect flew over 3,000 sorties, moved over 30,000 passengers, and hauled over 11,000 hundreds desperately wanted offers into Gulf Coast airfields, a few of which safeguard group of workers opened and operated. Air nationwide shield individuals rescued 1,443 people—heroically saving humans stranded through the flood. At 8 websites alongside the Gulf Coast, Air nationwide safeguard clinical devices handled greater than 15,000 sufferers, combining professional therapy with compassion.

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Air National Guard units also contributed 111 C-130 aircraft, and more than 3,000 ANG security forces personnel supported the mission. At General Weaver’s direction, 88 ANG flying units established 24-hour command posts during that period. Physical security was increased at all Air Guard units to protect them against potential terrorist attacks. S. air defense network expanded to nearly 300 aircraft on alert at 26 locations within 18 hours of the terrorist attacks and First Air Force maintained 16separatecontinuousfighterorbitsfor three days.

Air National Guard aircraft from Louisiana’s 122nd During the first 24 hours of the crisis, 34 Air Guard fighter units flew 179 missions. S. population centers, and General Ralph E. Eberhart, NORAD’s commander in chief, quickly approved those suggestions. S. on September 11th, First Air Force also had to field irate Fighter Squadron, Iowa’s 174th Fighter Squadron, and the District of Columbia’s 121st Fighter Squadron joined the Texans at various times protecting Air Force One until its return to Andrews Air Force Base.

ForceSouthwestAsiawasestablishedby the United States Central Command. S. S. S. Army as well as Britain, France, Saudi Arabia, and later Kuwait enforced the southern no-fly zone. Coalition members contributed fighter patrols against potential targets, reconnaissance, suppression of enemy air defenses, air refueling, and special operations missions. Portions of Air National Guard A-10 units from Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut deployed to Kuwait to form a “rainbow” unit primarily to conduct combatsearchandrescuesupportforany downed airmen and to attack Iraqi tanks if needed.

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