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By Julie Kerr Casper

Explores probably the most vital makes use of of the land: the creation of agriculture. This e-book is helping readers research that farms and ranches produce even more than meals; yet scientists, farmers, ranchers, and different landowners have not solved conservation difficulties - but.

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Statistics still keep farmers from being cheated today. The USDA’s Crop Reporting Board was a very important development. It established a nationwide statistics service for agriculture, which is now called the National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS). Today, American agriculture is always being counted and measured, and prices are analyzed and reported so that people have meaningful information. NASS conducts weekly, monthly, quarterly (every three months), and annual (yearly) surveys. It also conducts a five-year census of agriculture (from 1840 to 1920, it was only taken every 10 years).

Because artificially created erosion can happen much more quickly than natural geologic erosion, it is sometimes referred to as accelerated erosion. Human activity on the landscape can significantly contribute to soil erosion. In a natural state, vegetation serves as natural protection against erosion because the network of roots helps hold the soil in place against various erosive forces, such as wind and water. Scientists estimate that, in the United States, 30% of erosion is due to natural forces and 70% is due to human impact.

The milky juice in the leaves and stems is poisonous to most livestock. 5 meters). • The seeds can still grow after sitting for 8 years or more. Gorse • It grows rapidly and lives for more than 15 years. • The branches have a high oil content, which causes a serious fire hazard. • It produces about 8,000 hard-coated seeds each year, which are ejected by bursting pods and can lay dormant (not active) in the soil for 40 years or more. • Burning and cutting gorse does not get rid of it but rather encourages it to grow more.

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