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You cannot struggle what you cannot see. And Gabriel Raines cannot be convinced simply who is atmosphere the fires in his new real-estate improvement. whilst fires hit back-to-back, he is familiar with it really is own, yet any variety of rivals or ex-employees may be the arsonist.The police suspect Angel Ramirez, a neighborhood youngster who is been in difficulty prior to. yet Mattie Baker, a volunteer on the kin Abuse heart, simply cannot think the child she's been operating with could return to his antisocial ways.Determined to persuade Gabe that she's correct, Mattie needs to get with regards to him and discover who is placing their local in jeopardy. And simply because the arsonist's flames proceed to burn, they discover a warmth constructing among them. it will probably simply develop into a full-fledged fire…if they could continue to exist lengthy adequate.

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I was tagging a wall. ” The words and the look on the kid’s thin face rang with truth. Angel hadn’t wanted to betray his friend, and spray painting the side of a building was illegal. ” Gabe asked. “A couple of blocks from the Towers. ” Mattie reached over and laid a hand on the boy’s narrow shoulders, which were slumped with resignation. He looked up at her touch. ” Mattie squeezed his shoulder. “No, Enrique. It was brave of you to tell the truth. I’ll talk to Captain Daily, see what he can do.

That’s right. He and another kid were standing on the sidewalk when I got out of my truck. It was still very early. Not too many people had shown up yet. ” Her shoulders drooped, then subtly straightened. “I need to talk to him. ” “Excuse me, Ms. Baker,” the desk clerk said. ” Gabe reached into the back pocket of his jeans and pulled out his wallet. He drew out a business card and handed it to Mattie Baker. “This has my address and phone number. ” Mattie took the card. “Thank you. ” “Good luck,” he said, figuring she would need it if she planned to help the kid.

It’s damn near dawn. Neither of us is going to get any more sleep. ” They might as well. The horizon had begun to turn a pale purple-gray. Gabe’s crew started work at seven and though this job was down for a while, there was still work to be done on several other projects they had going in the area. “You’re thinking Mrs. ” Gabe asked. Mrs. Olson’s Café down the block had the best breakfast in the downtown area and the place opened early. “Yeah. ” Gabe checked his heavy stainless-steel wristwatch.

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