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By Gardner C. Hanks

Drawing on outdated and New testomony assets in addition to secular arguments, Gardner C. Hanks exhibits that the loss of life penalty harms instead of is helping any quest for a simply, humane society. He demonstrates via learn facts that the loss of life penalty is an useless crime-fighting software.

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The letter stated that we could argue for a long time about the morality of capital punishment, but these facts would speak for themselves. This letter showed me that for many people, secular arguments against capital punishment will be most effective. So I contend that Christian opponents of the death penalty should be acquainted with all reasons for opposing the death penalty, not just religious reasons. Therefore, a large part of this book addresses social issues to which people can relate, whether or not they share my faith.

3 In the first two centuries of this common era, the rabbis called for careful trial procedures, as shown in the tractate Sanhedrin in the Mishnah. In smaller communities, conflicts probably continued to be worked out informally. Most of the people of Israel lived in small, preindustrial, agricultural villages. In such communities, social interaction among community members would have been high. While the use of the blood feud would have become more limited in settled communities, negotiated settlements of disputes were undoubtedly used extensively.

The law was a great equalizer in this regard. The law made justice less dependent on personal whims and social power. The message behind the law was that God is Page 31 working through the community and will provide both victims and offenders with justice. Relatives of a victim who has been murdered, raped, or maimed are too emotionally involved to rationally decide what is best for the community. While revenge may make the victim or the victim's family feel better in the short run, the long-term effects of such decisions may be disastrous for the community as a whole.

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