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By Mena Lafkioui

The amount offers the state-of-the-art in learn on African types of Arabic. major students from all over the world tackle subject matters facing language touch, the advance of Arabic-based pidgins and creoles, synchronic language edition and diachronic language reconstruction.

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Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz. Fc-b One tribe, one language. Ethnolinguistic identity and language revitalization in the Nuba Mountains. The case of Logorí. ). London: Berghahn. Fc-c Arabic borrowings in Laggorí (Eastern Daju). ). Cambridge: Kay Williamson Educational Foundation. 48 Stefano Manfredi Miller, Catherine 2002 The relevance of Arabic-based pidgins-creoles for Arabic linguistics. ), 7–46. Cairo: Arab Development Center. 2004 Variation and change in Arabic urban vernaculars. In Approaches to Arabic Dialects: Collection of Articles presented to Manfred Woidich on the Occasion of his Sixtieth Birthday.

B(i)= correlates with an indicative mood related to ordinary objective statements in the present and in the future. ). 3b) In Baggara Arabic verbal roots with C3=y elide the final vowel in the prefixed conjugation (ex. 43 a-miʃ ‘go’) but, like in Kadugli Arabic, this west- 36 Stefano Manfredi ern Sudanic morphological trait is affected by dialect levelling towards the Sudanese urban koiné (ex. 44 ta-mʃi ‘you go’). 5b) (44) ta-mʃi wala ta-dʒi ? 4b) As a final remark, the Baggara dialect of Kordofan is characterized by the co-occurrence of two etymologically unrelated possessive markers.

As far as Kadugli and the Nuba Mountains are concerned, Arabic is still used as a vehicular language by both local and outsider non-Arab groups. In this context, the choice of the informants representing non-native speakers of Arabic has been made according to three main criteria. First of all, as in a typical interethnic medium, the native language of the speakers plays an important role in shaping the phonology of Arabic as a vehicular language. e. Korongo and Miri (Nilo-Saharan, Kadu), Logorí (Nilo-Saharan, Daju), Fulfulde (Niger-Congo, Fula).

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