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Plane layout three (2000) forty nine - fifty six

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The north side hangar at Stansted was responsible for maintenance on seven British United Britannias. In the event that none were in for work the staff went over and helped on the Carvair line. The group was known for working like a family. One day they were overhauling an aircraft and the next day they were chopping up Tudors or military equipment for the melting pot. Laker often made surprise visits to ATEL at Southend with his dog. Actually it was not a surprise since he drove a bright yellow Aston Martin DB, which stood out from the other mundane cars in the parking lot.

Also tested in the wind tunnel at that time was a proposed Dart powered Carvair. The data was reviewed, but only used for the test data, promotion and a future production possibility. The Dart powered Carvair was reviewed as the next stage DC-6 or DC7 conversions. The Carvair tail fin area established in the wind tunnel is almost identical to the DC-7. Tail plane fins were first considered as an option before the development of the DC-7 shaped tail. Since slipstream effects were unknown, the vortices created on the large nose tend to grow in intensity during yaw adding pressure to the tail plane fins.

Early design had triple tail layout. F. Conversion. Freighter conversion alternate versions to the ATL95 project consisted of a double deck airliner and a car-ferry. Also included in the design was an engine transporter for Rolls Royce. It would carry a complete RB211, which loaded through a roof door. The above numbering system was discontinued at ATL-99 The entire concept of a new car-ferry aircraft is the result of a single airline searching for an inexpensive replacement for a specialized market.

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