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By Amanda McCabe

A brand new large Regency. eager to discover London with no her chaperone, woman Emma Watson dons an easy maid's outfit and units out to find the city-and a brand new love.

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His smile for her was warm and personal; it was so obvious that they were delighted to be back together after their long separation. Emma couldn’t help but smile at their happiness, a smile that was genuine now. “Lydia, Emma, my dears,” Nicholas said. “I would like you to meet Sir Jeremy Ashbey, who has been here with us in the Grand Duchess’s party for the last few months. He is a most promising young man, and I have enjoyed his company. ” Sir Jeremy gave them both an elegant bow, his eyes a very pale green and slightly flirtatious as they turned to Emma.

Emma remembered Lord Eversworth from the military review. He was seventy if he was a day and had hair growing out of his ears. She had stared at that hair in fascination, unable to hear anything of what he said. She shuddered. “Thank you, Madame,” she said. Madame Ana nodded, then bustled out of the room as quickly and efficiently as she had entered. Natasha came and lifted Emma’s feet out of the basin, wrapping them up in warmed towels. ” she said. “Your feet are wrinkled like an old crone’s.

She moved away on his arm, waved on by her aunt and uncle. It was only much later that she remembered she had not met Lord Osborn’s son, after the evening was at long last over, and Sir Jeremy was assisting her into the carriage. “I beg you to remember your promise to go for a drive with me, Lady Emma,” Sir Jeremy said, looking intently into her eyes. ” “Of course I will not forget. Good evening, Sir Jeremy,” she said, smiling politely. He pressed a quick kiss to her gloved hand before the carriage door shut between them and the vehicle jolted into motion.

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