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Devon O'Shea involves the Yukon Territory looking for gold, yet in its place she unearths Stone guy McKenna, a mountainous slab of animosity who believes the Yukon isn't any position for a woman. whilst he makes an attempt to persuade her of this with a savage kiss, she reveals herself feeling, for the 1st time in her existence, female and alive. And Devon starts off to wonder whether she could have struck gold in any case . . .

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The look in his eyes wasn't what she'd expected. He looked old, and infinitely sad. And almost sorry. Her heart skipped a beat, and she couldn't help feeling a spark of hope. But then, she reminded herself, it never had taken much to give her hope. She'd always been an optimist-even during the bad days of her childhood. " She looked directly into his eyes, seeing for the first time the tiny mahogany flecks that darkened the amber orbs. " The sadness in his eyes vanished, and they once again turned cold and distant.

Bon uppitty," he said, practically diving into his own heaping plate. 72 73 1 She lifted her fork, prodding the flapjacks as if she expected them to move. They didn't. She leaned over the plate, sniffing daintily. No odor, either. "They're flapjacks, not perfume. " Her head snapped up. Their eyes locked. A slow blush of shame crept across her cheeks. He'd been nice enough to make breakfast, and all she'd done was criticize. "Sorry. I didn't mean to offend you. It's just-" "Lady," he said in a weary voice, "in the Yukon we eat three things in the winter.

Devon couldn't contain her proud smile. "Because everything is in its place. " A hoarse laugh shot out of Midas's mouth. " Stone Man's voice was a low growl of disbelief. " A frisson of discomfort crawled up Devon's spine. Why didn't he look pleased? "Y-Yes. It'll make things ever so much easier," she said, knowing she was beginning to babble but unable to stem her words. She always babbled when she was nervous. "You see, the soup is between the soap and the snow glasses. How could it be any simpler?

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