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In the first pair of columns appear examples drawn from the noun class system, where the maclass marker is a syllabic homorganic nasal. The second pair of columns contains examples containing the second-person singular pronoun, a syllabic nasal also homorganic with a following consonant. Mntt n. ook~l g killiun6 m. Mnte n. ' As noted in section 1 of this chapter, prenasalized stops are rare in initial position. Their distributional complementarity with syllabic nasals suggests a unified treatment of the two but will not be pursued in detail here.

The alveopalatal /c/ has all of the following allophones: [t] [ts], [tf], [ti], [ki]. Following palatal vowels tend to favor the more palatal variants. lllustrative forms contrasting It/ and /c/ are given in (6). (6) The phonemes It/ and I c/ ca ta ci ti 'loan' ti -class pro 'bring' 'black' yeti foto pace kekeco 'seize' 'female genitals' 'day before yesterday' 'now' k6t gbet 'sap' 'only, just' The voiced stops /b d gb/ are more limited in their distribution than their voiceless counterparts, being restricted from filling syllable codas.

The phonetic detail, however, proved not to be significant and was ignored in later transcriptions. l. The vowels of Mani Mani has the symmetrical set of eight vowels given in Table 5. The seven peripheral vowels form a not unexpected pattern and the mid central vowel is not unusual, being found in the adjacent and related language Temne (Wilson 1961b), to which many Mani speakers in Sierra Leone are switching or have already switched. Minimal pairs appear in (18). Table 5. Vocalic inventory front mid e e back u 0 0 a 32 Phonemic inventory (18) /if vs.

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