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By Wesley Thiesen

This can be the 1st complete linguistic learn of Bora, a typologically strange language spoken in Colombia and Peru, the results of 4 a long time of labor one of the Bora humans. The language has a really excessive variety of classifiers (over 300). those classifiers are utilized in a number of how you can perform reference. via those classifiers, apposition is the first mechanism for growing referring expressions, instead of the extra cross-linguistically universal mechanism of constituency. in addition they offer tight intersentential harmony in discourse. The animate/inanimate contrast is pervasive, manifesting itself within the morphology, syntax, and lexicon. This quantity additionally incorporates a thorough research of Bora grammatical and lexical tone, which has a posh approach of sandhi with default tone being excessive, not like the vast majority of tonal languages. The ethnographic cartoon contains dialogue of the original Bora sign drums. This examine should be of curiosity to all excited about typological matters, South American languages and peoples, or tone experiences. Wesley Thiesen got his B.A. in Anthropology from Wheaton university in 1948. He and his spouse Eva labored for SIL one of the Bora-speaking humans from 1952 to retirement in 1998, residing a lot of that point in a Bora village. David Weber acquired his Ph.D. in Linguistics from the college of California, la in 1983. He and his spouse Diana have labored with SIL on account that 1969. From 1972 to 2002 their efforts fascinated about the Huallaga Quechua language. He at the moment serves as an SIL linguistic advisor. The book's conceal depicts a basket hand made by means of the Bora humans.

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80 hectares. 2 When the Peruvian Ministry of Education, in collaboration with the Summer Institute o f Linguistics, initiated bilingual education among the Bora in 1955, the people were very enthusiastic. Little by little they began moving together so their children could attend school. Because they needed more land for a larger town, the people from Ancón moved across the river and upstream to a place where there was a larger flat area. 75 hectares. 2. THE FUTURE OF THE BORA LANGUAGE 5 starting in 1957, they built a new communal house, a school, a church, and individual homes around the plaza facing the communal house.

1. The coca leaves are toasted. Then, using a hollow log mortar, they are pounded, along with the ashes o f the burned leaves o f a certain balsa tree, into a fine powder. This fine powder is sifted through a cloth bag into a large black earthenware pot. ) It is stored along with a tablespoon in cans having lids (such as empty coffee cans). Before going out to work the more traditional men fill their cheeks with this coca powder. They also do this at night when they sit around the council fire, and lick tobacco paste from small bottles.

She had rings o f white cotton around her legs and arms, along with bracelets, anklets, necklaces, and earrings. The Bora ordinarily paint black around their mouths, their eyebrows, and sometimes their cheeks. For this occasion many of the girls, as well as women, had the typical Bora design painted all over their bodies; see plate 85 of Steward (1948), following page 762. After the name-changing ceremony, which consisted o f much chanting, the dancing resumed. This time the chief’s family held hands and led a group that danced for a time around the women.

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