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This best-selling dictionary includes over 9,000 entries on all points of technological know-how and gives complete insurance of biology (including human biology), chemistry, physics, the earth sciences, and astronomy. Appendices hide the periodic desk, geological time scale, and animal and plant category. New gains comprise digital thumb tags for simple reference, multiplied components together with astronomy and earth technology and extra good points on key issues similar to the sun process and Genetically transformed Organisms. additionally featured are brief biographies of top scientists and chronologies of particular matters, together with plastics, electronics and cellphone biology. either concise and wide-ranging, this dictionary is a perfect convenient reference paintings and nice advent for college kids and non-scientists alike.

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12H2O (aluminium potassium sulphate-12-water). 12H2O (see potassium chromium sulphate), etc. The alums are isomorphous and can be made by dissolving equivalent amounts of the two salts in water and recrystallizing. See also aluminium sulphate. 18H2O. Alvarez, Luis Walter (1911–88) US physicist most of whose working life was spent at the University of California, Berkeley. After working on radar and the atomic bomb during World War II, he concentrated on particle physics. In 1959 he built the Ürst large *bubble chamber and developed the technique for using it to study charged particles, for which he was awarded the 1968 Nobel Prize for physics.

Compounds such as the amino acids, which contain both acidic and basic groups in their molecules, can also be described as amphoteric. Solvents, such as water, that can both donate and accept protons are usually described as amphiprotic (see solvent). ampliÜer A device that increases the strength of an electrical signal by drawing energy from a separate source to that of the signal. The original device used in electronic ampliÜers was the *triode valve, in which the cathode–anode current is varied in accordance with the lowvoltage signal applied to the valve’s control grid.

Pure samples may be made directly by the gas-phase reaction of ammonia and hydrogen chloride. Because of its ease of preparation it can be manufactured industrially alongside any plant that uses or produces ammonia. The compound is used in dry cells, metal Ünishing, and in the preparation of cotton for dyeing and printing. ammonium ion The monovalent cation NH4+. It may be regarded as the product of the reaction of ammonia (a Lewis base) with a hydrogen ion. The ion has tetrahedral symmetry. The chemical properties of ammonium salts are frequently very similar to those of equivalent alkali-metal salts.

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