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The positive method of arithmetic has lately loved a renaissance. This used to be prompted principally through the looks of Bishop's Foundations of optimistic research, but additionally by way of the proliferation of robust desktops, which influenced the advance of optimistic algebra for implementation reasons. during this booklet, the authors current the elemental buildings of contemporary algebra from a confident perspective. starting with uncomplicated notions, the authors continue to regard PID's, box idea (including Galois theory), factorisation of polynomials, noetherian jewelry, valuation thought, and Dedekind domain names.

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Our definition of a countable set differs from that of [Bishop 1967], [Bridges 1979] and [Bishop-Bridges 1985) in that we do not require that a countable set be nonempty (or even that we can decide whether or not it is emptyl; for discrete sets, it is equivalent to the definition in [Brouwer 1981]. We are unlikely to be able to construct a Brouwerian example of a subset of m that is not countable. However, any acceptable proof of the theorem T that every subset of m is countable could probab1y be converted into a proof that every subset of m is recursively enumerab1e, which is false.

Lattiee above has two maximal finite ehains, one of length 2 and one of length 3. For modular lattiees this ean't happen. linearly ordered sets C and D We say that two are pieeewise iSOIIIOrphie if there exist elements el" .. •. ,dn such that (i) {x (ii) (x {x C C x S cl) is isomorphie to c x :> e n ) is isomorphie to {x C TJ C (iii ) There is a permutation a of x <; cl l C D [1, ... ,n-I) isomorphie to [da; ,d ai +1] for eaeh i } x :> d n } so that [ci ,ci+l] is < Tl. We leave the proof that pieeewise isomorphism is a transitive relation as Exercise 4.

Commulatiue R. Then I i PROOF. then If E In ei ther ca se we can I \ UiESP i . ng = 0, #F 2 and for each i E S, ~ enlarge (xl"" ,xm ), without enlarging I, so that S by induction on #F. We proceed by If '''rn J such that a i E Pi \ u8 \{ i )p j . If #8 2, r \ UiE8p i . If #8 > 2, then Pi is prime for some E {xl"" j = 2iE~~i elements Otherwise choose 8 in F minimizing #8. j. •• ,n} such that {xl"" ,x m} induction I \ UiP f I 1 , •.. l or gener'ated R such of ideals that the a product P far some f.

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