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5 cm. Source : National Library, Calcutta. *Jägadi§l, a comm. /by] Jagadisa Bhattäcärya] on Anumäna Cintämani Didhiti [a comm. on Tattvaeintämani by 'Raghunätha Bioattäcärya] Siromani and Iswaränumäna Cintämani that portion of the Tattvaeintämani which treats of inference as learning on the existence of the Godhead. [Isvaränumäna-prakara^am. Edi- Gangesa upädhyäya—contd. ted by Somanäthopädhyäya. 2v. Benares, 1908. 23 cm. (Chowkhamba Sanskrit Series). Source : National Library, Calcutta. Kevalanyäya prakaranam.

By Venlmädhava and ed. with notes by Rajanärayana Sukla. , 19693 NÄVY A NYÄYA Gadädhara Bhattäcärya—contd. Väränasi, Chowkhambä Sanskrit Seiies Office, 1969. viii, 108p. 22 cm. (Kasi Sanskrit Series, 115). Source : National Library, Calcutta. Vyutpattiväda (Sabdakhanda grantha, with commentary 'Ädarsa', by Sudarsanäcärya Sästri. Bombay, Venkategvara Press, 1970 (1914). pp. 7 + [1] 647 + [1], 5 + /3] 25 X 17 cm. Source : India Office Library Catalogue, London. Vyutpattiväda; pratyayärtha nirupanapara, Sabdakhanda, with Dipikä by Sivadatta Misra ed.

MSS Anurnänakäncana. MSS Annam Bhatta Siddhänjana (comm. on Äloka) MSS (Ref. available from Vängalir Särasvata Avadän pt. I, Vange Anumänakhanda. MSS Source : Royal Asiatic Society, Bombay, Anumäna. MSS Anumänadfdhiti, the Second Section of the Didhiti. It was published at Calcutta, Samvat, 1905. (Ref. available from VängäKr Särasvata Avadän, pt. I. Vange Navya Nyäya Carcä, Calcutta, 1358). MSS Anumänädipramänakhandana vädärtha. MSS NAVYA NYÄYA Anumänakhandadidhititippani, Gadädhara's comm. on the Anumänakhanda of the Didhiti, an incomplete copy, commenting on pp.

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