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By Elizabeth Thornton

Whilst these round her commence assembly tragic fates, Kate Cameron understands she's next-until she's rescued via psychic Gavin Hepburn. yet after an evening of hiding jointly, Kate is branded a fallen girl and compelled into marriage with Gavin-an association that fits Gavin's goal to do whatever it takes to maintain Kate secure from a killer haunting her earlier. For this enigmatic and lonely attractiveness has turn into the unforeseen love of his lifestyles.

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It was a lovely sound and brought to mind the hot chocolate she used to spoon into her mouth when she was a child. A spoon made the chocolate last longer. “You’re safe now,” the voice told her. “My dog found you. He won’t let anything happen to you, and neither will I. No need to be afraid of me. We met at Juliet’s wedding reception. I’m Gavin Hepburn, and I have a place on Feughside, on the other side of the Dee. ” She remembered Gavin Hepburn. He was a character from a gothic novel. If he went away, she would be lost.

Gavin swallowed a sigh. He’d had the misfortune to sit beside Mr. Fox at dinner, and he’d heard enough about the former headmaster’s views on the younger generation to last him a lifetime. Mr. Fox said solemnly, “I could not help but see, Mr. ” “We’ve been friends for a long time,” Gavin allowed. He didn’t like the tone of Mr. Fox’s remarks. In fact, he didn’t like anything about Mr. Fox, from his highly polished boots to his too-tight neckcloth. ” “He’s a doctor,” Gavin replied. “Some of his patients suffer from .

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