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The brakes don’t use friction at all. They are electrical, and when you step on the brake, the negative work done by the brakes means they accept the energy and put it in the battery for later use. This is one of the reasons why an electric car is far better for the environment than a gas car, even if the ultimate source of the electrical energy happens to be the burning of oil in the electric company’s plant. The electric car recycles the same energy over and over, and only dissipates heat due to air friction and rolling resistance, not braking.

The electric car recycles the same energy over and over, and only dissipates heat due to air friction and rolling resistance, not braking. ) Work: The Transfer of Mechanical Energy Discussion Questions A Besides the presence of a force, what other things differentiate the processes of frictional heating and heat conduction? ” C To stop your car, you must first have time to react, and then it takes some time for the car to slow down. Both of these times contribute to the distance you will travel before you can stop.

Since these are topics for books 4, 5, and 6 of this series, we will have to be content with half an answer at this point. Essentially we may think of light energy as a form of kinetic energy, but one for which kinetic energy is not given by (1/2)mv 2 but rather by some other equation. ) Discussion Question A Referring back to the pictures at the beginning of the chapter, how do all these forms of energy fit into the shortened list of categories given above? f / This figure looks similar to the previous ones, but the scale is a million times smaller.

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